Use these common rock-climbing holds to check your testicles for cancer.

Spermatic Cord Tumor

Grab a hold of the scrotum above your rocks. Use your thumb to feel along the tube for any bumps. If you feel one, see your doctor.

Spermatic Cord Tumor climbing hold.

Testicular Atrophy

Lightly pinch your rocks to feel for softening. If they’re unusually soft and shrinking, see your doctor.

Testicular Atrophy climbing hold.

Testicular Swelling

Gently cradle your rocks to feel for any tenderness and swelling. If they hurt or are abnormally large, see your doctor.

Testicular Swelling climbing hold.

Testicular Asymmetry

Curl your hand around both your rocks and feel if one is clearly much larger than the other. If it is, see your doctor.

Testicular Asymmetry climbing hold.

Testicular Lumps

Put your fingers in between your rocks to feel all sides for any lumps. If you feel one, see your doctor.

Testicular Lumps climbing hold.